missing much/life update.

Been out of the LJ scene for awhile.....finally glad to be back and start making graphics in my spare time {what little I have lol}

1. Three Kiddies {Austin 4, Rilee 2, Maddie 1}
2. Back doing WW again - 53lbs down since March 2011 - about 35lbs to go
3. Still in TX / still a stay at home Mommy 
4. Trying to figure out what I want to finish my Bachelors in.

Thats pretty much it, not much going on other than my 3 crazy kiddies!

Photography Session #2

Today was my second photography session, with my sister in law & her son. My son tagged along, and I snapped a few shots of him as well. Any type of constructive criticism is welcome!! I am learning and still consider myself a beginner, but I love doing this!!

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Maternity Shoot

This was my first time using my new Rebel XS for a "photo shoot" I went out to a place called Little chapel in the woods [near where my sister in law live] and took a few shots there & at her house. Here are 3 photos from the shoot. I would really like some feedback, anything I could do to improve the photos themselves & the editing I did in photoshop CS3.

[also, if anyone is willing to share some of the "totally rad photoshop actions" I would love you forever-I just dont have $200 to buy them!]

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Weigh In Week 4

Starting Weight [4.13.09] 196lbs
Week four weight [05.16.09] 185.4lbs [lost 3.4lb]
Mini Weight Goal 1: 185lbs [Accomplished!!! 05.16.09]
Mini Weight Goal 2: 175lbs
Mini Weight Goal 3: 165lbs
BIG Weight Goal: 160lbs
Really Big Goal: 145lbs

icon tut and brushes

I have gotten a few requests for heart brushes that I use & how I make my icons; since I am no good a making tuts, I figured I would post the tut that I use to make my icons.
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